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You may remember that the Edwards family is in a bit of a turmoil, reader. Aeliza, the Edwards Heiress, and her husband Will have been blessed with two healthy boys. They are named for Aeliza's grandfather and great grandfather, Elliot II and Tobias II.

However, Aeliza has had trouble concieving a daughter that will continue this wonderful family's Legacy. Her mother and father, Jayden and Ernest, are becoming very concerned as the years pass by. Jayden is plagued by fearful thoughts of the family failing to prosper...

One early morning, a horrible wail is heard coming from the Edwards Estate. Young Tobias has come across a terrible sight- the ghost of his grandmother, Jayden.

The preoccupied woman's health has failed of late and now it seems that she is unable to shake off death's cold grasp.

Yet Jayden doesn't seem able to move onto her eternal rest while the Legacy of Micha Edwards is in peril. She hovers around her grand children protectively, often conversing with their caregivers to see how they are doing.

The ghost even 'slumbers' in the guest room, longing to hear the news of a baby girl.

The Edwards family is aware of something supernatural on the edge of their perception, yet this is not their biggest concern. Aeliza has taken a leave of absence at work to care for her grieving family.

A child is soon on the horizon- yet it it the long awaited grand daughter?

No. Twins named Dean and Davis are welcomed into the family.

Aeliza is hard pressed to keep up the family life, even with Will quitting his job to become a stay at home Dad. The children are needy and jealous of all of the attention their siblings get, stretching Aeliza and Will to the limit.

The older boys Elliot II and Tobias II valiantly pitch in to help with their younger brothers, handling feedings and care when their parents are ready to drop.

Something else is ready to drop! Finally, the grand -

-sons, Ben and Darren. Family life is hectic with feeding so many mouths, training up the toddlers and tending to the babies. Aeliza is suddenly feeling the constraints her mother was so concerned about. How can she possibly try to conceive a daughter when her sons are desperate for her attention? Wouldn't it be unfair to the children that she already had?

"Hey sis, you seem really bushed." Benjamin observes one day. "How about the kids spend the weekend with me? You and Will need some time to yourselves."
"Oh, I don't know," Aeliza hedges. "-the kids are a real handful."
"Please," Benjamin insists. "- I miss the bustling family life."
"Oh, alright. Just the older ones."

Yet the kids love Uncle Benjamin's bachelor pad and Grandpa Ernest moves in with his son, unable to handle the Estate without his wife. Helping Benjamin tend to the children helps to ease his sorrows...

... and takes a great deal of pressure off of Aeliza just as fate puts a new kind of pressure on. She is aghast to find herself pregnant once again. Can she handle another pair of twins- or worse, triplets? Is she a horrible heiress for even thinking this?

Yet her fears only grow with her sizable stomach, promising more children for the Edwards Estate.

When the evening arrives, her husband hurries to ready her for the hospital, praying that his wife and new baby will be alright. This is Aeliza's fifth child birth and the doctor seems so very concerned. So concerned actually, that a home birth is recommended as nurses and doctors pour into the house.

Yet it's all for naught! Aeliza comes through and delivers two healthy baby girls. At last, the Legacy is secure. Meet Felicity, the youngest daughter.

Yet Aeliza no longer is obsessed with fearful, racing thoughts. She is happily caring for her children alongside Will, her brother Benjamin and father Ernest.
Pictured from left to right: The heiress Deanna, Ben, Darren (learning to speak) and Will is with Felicity.

Aeliza and Will are planning on taking a break to focus on thier children, hoping to make up for all of the chaos that the children have been put through in the past few years. Aeliza is wondering if now is a good time to quit her job and work the garden with Will. He says that he's found some special seeds that could be able to support their family.

The family tree of Aeliza and Will Edwards (immediate family only)

Will the Edwards decide for Aeliza to quit her career to have a more flexible profession in gardening?

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