Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Momentous Decisions

You all remember that we left off with Elizale and Kirsten fighting with Ben's children, Sian and Cordelia. In a momentous decision, Deanna declared that since her brother had sacrificed so much to help the Legacy continue, he would be included in the Legacy from now on.

That meant that one of his daughters would stay with the Legacy house with Elizale and Kirsten! Yet Deanna locked the four warring children in one room and took Ben, Kyla and herself out to the movies. When they returned, the children had decided:

That Elizale, Kirsten and Cordelia would stay and Sian would move out! Kyla and Ben were glad that they'd watch their child grow up in the fabled Legacy Estate.

Shortly after this decision was made, grief over took the family. Ben was paid a visit from the Reaper, but he left knowing that his family would forever live with his sister's children and her descendants.

His first wife Cassandra was on hand to take his hand and guide him onward.

The young women all matured into adults and sought jobs- and husbands! Elizale married Kirk first, she and her husband who welcomed the first daughter, Sassinak. Barely after Sassinak's first birthday, Cordelia and her husband, Dale, welcomed their daughter, Riley. Sassinak and Riley were declared the heiresses after many years as only children with the whole of the estate as their play ground. The cousins were raised with the attention of their grandmother and parents, wanting for nothing as after so many aunts and uncles working for so long, the family was starting to amount a fortune.

The fortune diminished when Kirsten decided to move to Smance to pursue her passion for art. She was kept abreast of the family's events as Elizale and Kirk welcomed another daughter, Torrence!

As the only boy, Riggan quickly discovered that his household wasn't like many his friends where girls played with dolls and kitchen sets. His cousins all had dirt bikes and played in motorbike races just like he and his friends!

Tragedy once again darkened the Edwards' door when Cordelia's husband, Dale, was called to the Great Simbeyond.

Sadly, the death of Dale rocked the young children's worlds. Dale had been vibrant and dynamic right to the end, playing first base in family games of baseball! Yet the parents grieved in private and did their best to help the children cope.
As life began to get back on track, Cordelia awoke to a jolt- she was pregnant! It seemed that a bit of Dale was still with them. The young mother did her best to help raise her daughter, son and nieces while coping with the notion of a child that would never know its' father.

There's not much time to think on the situation though, all too quickly Cordelia became a single mother to another child!

One way of coping is the arrival of good news- such as the birth of Cordelia and Dale's third child, a daughter named Orchid! How will this bustling family grow? Will the cousins bicker and cause a divide as Elizale, Kirsten, Sian and Cordelia did or will they remain the best of friends? Stay tuned!
A glimpse of the future...

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