Friday, July 3, 2009

Lasiez faire

The Edwards Legacy is doing swimmingly, reader. With ten children, there's always something happening. Today it is Ben's birthday- while Tobias is preparing Darren for his. Twins, can't be far behind each other!

Aeliza and Will are adamant that the children keep up with their schoolwork, although Fredrick often picks apart the logic behind it.
"It's not like there's a Sim University for us to get into."
"It's a reflection of you, son. Now keep on it, or you'll be watching Barney with the babies."

Fredrick manages to stick it out- after all, the world has a lot of adventure for kids! Barney need not apply.

Although the outdoors is preferred from Will and Aeliza's view point, the kids do watch quite a bit of TV. Will could have sworn he heard 'Green gardens' coming from the kids room, but when he walked in it was cartoons. Kids claim to have no idea what he's talking about. A mystery...

As the years pass, the children begin to wonder more about the activities of their older siblings.
After all, the older ones move out quite quickly into homes of their own, up to illicit activities, no doubt. Pizza for breakfast and wearing socks that don't match! Davis II grins at the thought, but doesn't break up the kids pow wow.

The youngsters Fredrick, Deanna and Felicity play all day long in the custom built nursery, designed to keep the good times coming!

Felicity appreciates a good Peg O' Blocks. She also appreciates attention from her older brothers Dean, Davis, Ben and Darren. Elliot II and Tobias II are now living across the street with Grandpa Ernest and Uncle Benjamin.

Deanna is quite precocious and independent, preferring elaborate imaginary games. Here, the Spaceship Dreamsmasher is crashing into Roger's Attic Bar (stolen from Dean's American Dad set!)

The older boys can't help but miss thier older brothers that had acted as caregivers and best friends all of thier lives. Davis visits with Tobias and Elliot most often, but every one likes to hang out across the street.

There's a lot of cool stuff there- guitars that they can play with and internet to all sorts of cools sites like Exterminatus Now and VG Cats. They can't slouch on school work, but thier older brothers no longer check it. Growing older has all sorts of benefits!

Ben is mostly interested in the career choices out there for a guy like himself. His older brothers are all too happy to share what they and thier friends have gotten up to. Ben is a bit overwhelmed with the choices- should he forego real work and rock out in the park or should he become a doctor like his mother? Is Gardening for him or would that be him being too scared to branch out from what he''s known all of his life?
It seems that there's a 'Death Flower' now! Aeliza quickly coaxed it back from the brink of death, replanting its seedlings. Now there's a handful of these strange flowers...

His mother has recently been promoted to the top of the Medical field, allowing her to pick her surgeries. She's spent a great deal of time in the garden alongside Will, to surprising results!

Whoa! Where does the time go? It looks like Dean, Davis and Ben have hurtled into adulthood. What does the future hold for them? Where will they go? Will the random baby fairy visit them?

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