Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Feuding

There is a plan in place, reader, to put some spring back in Ben's step! Ben's sisters have set him up with the nanny, Kyla.

However, the wedding hopes are facing rocky waters! We're steer you around the curves. First, the couple first began to bond over Deanna's babies,

- as Kyla hadn't realized that Ben was such a softie for his nieces! The two begin to go out dancing together and then start to bond over egg plants (weird thing to bond over, eh?) Yet Kyla thinks that Ben has been withholding himself from her. He does finally reveal how he fell in love with Cassandra- and how devastated the family was at her death. He confides that the ghost who has been watching Kyla is the Family's Founder- and this time, he's going to abide by her decision.

"So you'll only be with me if your great grandmother approves of me?"
What a startling proclaimation!

- Micha envelops Kyla in a warm, happy glow, prompting ben to propose to the love of his life! They take no chances and immediately start the wedding!

However some guy we didn't know came over and decided to drop dead. Wonderful!

It freaks every one out, they leave and it ruins the wedding party. He does stay to play on the video game... night after night...Ben and Kyla have a wonderful time and soon welcome two baby girls to grow up beside Hieress Elizale and her twin sister, Kirsten. Welcome Sian and Cordelia! This is Sian, held by Hieress Elizale.

Andrae and Deanna soon grow up into Elders as soon as Elizale and Kirsten grow up into teens. The twins Sian and Cordelia heat things up, often causing spats with thier older cousins. This causes ackward situations when the girls pull thier parents into the bickering!

When Elizale and Kirsten grow into adults, they insist that one of thier cousins move out. It's stressing poor, fragile Kirsten out! All of the ghosts also scare gentle Kirsten. Kyla is also upset when the moment she and Ben age into Elders, the ghost of Cassandra appears and scares her!

The house that Deanna and Ben labored to make into a home is about to be divided! Will Deanna have to say goodbye to the brother whose always been there for her? Will the girls draw the nieghborhood into thier feud?
Stay tuned for the adult lives of Elizale, Kirsten, Sian and Cordelia!

(Author's note:

The feuding truly is mounting- I'm moving out someone soon. Who do you think should be moved out?

All of the outfits pictured here (and more!) are availiable for download. Let me know what you think.)

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