Monday, July 6, 2009

Ben: A Family all his own

As the years pass by, Ben found himself pondering about children. Would he be a good father? Would it even be possible? Deanna would have children and he'd promised he'd be there to help her raise the next Heiress.

Yet it seemed that his brothers felt no such constraints-here is Ann Marie, Tobias's new daughter. No idea where she came from, there doesn't seem to be a woman on the lot. Most curious. Yet the point is, no one condemns them for starting families, even from the apparent Sim Dust in the air.
As luck would have it, he found a wonderful woman at work. She seemed different- true, she spoiled the boss's surprise party and keeps missing out on promotions, but she marches to the beat of her own Simdrum, and Ben likes that about her. Likes it a great deal, actually.

Cassandra seems to take issue with the voyeur ghost of Micha. No matter how much Ben explains 'she's just here to watch for babies', Cassandra never warms up to her. Micha seems to take great delight in making Cassandra uncomfortable. Perhaps that should have been a sign...

Yet it wasn't. Ben and his new bride were wed on the fifteenth of September in a private ceremony, where family members showered praises and good wishes on the new couple. Deanna was thrilled to embrace her brother and confide how happy she was that he'd be able to have children.

Yet Cassandra seemed to tense up at this. Micha arrived just in time to make Cassandra race to the bathroom urgently.
"Grandmother!" Ben complained loudly. "She's my wife now, so stop making her feel unwelcome here!"
"Great- great- grandmother," Micha replies sharply. "- and she won't be here long enough for it to make a difference. Ben, she's-"
"No!" Ben cut her off, being rude for the first time ever to the Founder. "I understand your concerns for this family and I love you dearly, but your advice and special attention has always been for Great Grandma Leanne, Grandma Jayden, Mother and Deanna. Why change things now?"

He marched off to find his new wife, leaving his family staring in concern after him. Life resumed as Deanna and Felicity grew up.

Deanna stayed on at the Estate, of course, and Felicity moved across the street to get to know her older brothers and young niece, Ann Marie. Also, some guy named 'Buddy Edwards', who lived there now. Most curious... but back at the Edwards...
Ben returns home from the hospital to find startling news awaiting him- his wife, Cassandra, is now an Elder! "Cassandra!" He cried. "I didn't know we had such little time!"
"I know, darling, and I wantd to tell you, but I was afraid. I know how badly you wanted children."
"Not more than I loved you, Cass. I can't believe you didn't trust me."
"I can't believe you'd listen to your Grandmother over your wife."
"What are you talking about? She never told me a thing!"
"Never? But I thought-"
"No. You should have trusted me, Cass. I trusted you."

With hurt feelings in the air, the two tossed fitfully into sleep. It was with great alarm that the Edwards Family arose to Ben's howling.

"Cassandra!" He cried as she floated above the bed. "Cassandra, I'm sorry! Wait just a moment, I'll go get the Death Flower-"
"Ben, no." Deanna cries as he races from the room. "She needs you!"
Not as much as I need her to live. He thought, racing to the garden where he found- nothing. Nothing! With a sinking heart, he recalled all of the time he'd spent with Cassandra, talking about family and looking through baby catalogues. He'd neglected the death flowers and now death was here for his love.

With whom he'd tortured with talks of things they'd never have.

By the time he returned to his bedroom, Cassandra was already gone. He'd missed her most dire moment. As he fell to the floor, Deanna knelt beside her brother and gathered him into a tight hug as he howled in grief.

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