Monday, July 6, 2009

The Earth keeps on turning

Previously, Ben found love and happiness with his wife, Cassandra. Unbeknown to every one- save the ghost of Micha- Cassandra knew that she was about to die. A last disagreement between husband and wife leaves Ben emotionally devastated.Deanna, Heiress of the Edwards, does her best to help her elder brother grieve. She feels guilty for falling in love with handyman Andre while Ben is still emotionally raw. However, Ben manages to grin and bear it as he once promised her when she was still a child.
During the wedding of Deanna and Andre, Andre starts behaving oddly! Oh no, will Deanna suffer the fate of childlessness as well?

Psych. Turns out Andrew just matured into an Adult and scared the bejeesus out of everyone in the process. Way to win over the in laws, buster.

Meawhile while Felicity helps her sister through her first pregnancy, they arrive on the subject of Ben's mourning for Cassandra. They all miss her, but the sisters fear that Ben might not recover from his loss. Suddenly, Deanna gets an idea...

... and calls a nanny to care for the upcoming child.

The nanny, Kyra, is intelligent, quirky and great with kids. She's also understanding to deal with some pretty rotten accomodations, like a ghost who sleeps in her bed and studies her face for age lines. "I'm twenty seven!" Kyra screams at the ghost of Micha. "Get out of my bed, I want to sleep! Your grand daughter will be up at four, seven and nine, and heaven help you if I miss the darling's feeding."
The arrival of Deanna's babies- twin girls- is imminient. Joy is in the air!
Enough, even, for Ben to begin to perk up. It helps that Kyra seems to like the same music that he does...

Next time: Welcome Deanna's babies- and mysterious new additions to the family!

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