Saturday, July 4, 2009

Generation 5'sUps and Downs

The Legacy of the Edwards :

Hello! Today finds the Edwards family well, reader. Deanna and Felicity have found themselves a favorite hobby, painting. Felicity has taken a class or two and prefers advanced techniques while Deanna prefers having fun, regardless of techniques.

All of the babies are now children, making for a household full of chattering, active children. Aeliza and Will are out of doors all day, gardening or working at the hospital.

With so many kids, Will and Aeliza have converted the nursery into a playroom. Sleeping arrangements are difficult, beds anywhere they can fit- the girls have a bedroom, the older two boys have a bedroom and the youngest son, Fredrick, sleeps in the study.

Death is creeping around the neighborhood- claiming first Grandfather Ernest, then Grandma and then Benjamin's Aunt. The children come for their regular visit and find him despondant and depressed. Young Deanna is emphatic and comforts her uncle privately. The others are astounded that the over emotional Benjamin is captivated by his young niece and her words resonate within him, giving him hope.

Back at home, Will ruefully cultivates a Life Plant too late to save his aunt in law and mother in law. He takes it upon himself to teach his son Ben, who has stayed at the Edwards estate instead of moving out with his older brothers.

He has a talent in cultivating the rich soil and Will sincerely hopes he'll be cultivating Life and Death plants in order to stave off any more tragedies.

Joy soon comes again- the twins Deanna and Felicity are having a birthday!

As Aeliza and Will award the twins with thier own rooms, they quickly discover that Deanna is becoming private and sullen.

What's with the new attitude? The boys were always so selfless and devoted that her parents are unsure how to handle this development. Is the pressure becoming too much?

Meanwhile, time catches up with Will and Aeliza as they become elders. With less energy to deal with the problematic Deanna, Ben takes it upon himself to try and counsel his younger sister. She seems to be listening to him, but isn't acting like her usual emphatic self. Is the Hieress up to something?

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