Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Grandaughter's worry

Hello, my name is Jayden Edwards.

I recently found this, the journal that my great grandmother Micha Edwards was keeping, in my Hope chest. It seems that my great grandmother stopped writing in the journal, but as it makes me feel so connected to her, I believe that I'll take it up! Settle in, future generations, I don't intend to give it up!

It seems that my grandmother was a very busy woman. In addition to being the best doctor in Sim Nation, she and grandfather Tobias raised four daughters and a son.

They also kept up a grandiose garden that supplies produce to the local restaurants (seedlings from it have started the gardens of many of my aunts!)

This genealogy chart was pressed between the pages of this journal:

You can see that my mother Leanne was the Edwards Heiress of her generation. An inspired artist, she raised my sister Honor and I with devotion and freedom of expression, causing us to grow into free spirited young women.

My sister became a journalist and married a gardener who came to tend grandmother's garden, Liam.

They are very much in love and have two children, Leah and Liam II. Leah recently became an adult herself and Liam II is a senior in high school.

I, as the Edwards heiress of my generation, spent a great deal of time soul searching the path my family would take. My career as a doctor was very important to me from the time that I was a young woman. It was difficult to find someone who could understand the demanding life style, but I finally found the love of my life in Ernest.

He and I wed young and were blessed with two healthy, adventurous children named Aeliza and Benjamin. On the heels of such happiness, sorrow stole upon us like a thief in the night. As my family lay down for the night slumber, my grand mother Micha passed away. Her departure to the after life was difficult on all of us, but perhaps most for grandfather Tobias.

My daughter recently wed a respectful gardener by the name Will.

The two are very committed to our family's legacy and have already given Ernest and I four wonderful, clever grand sons.

However, we all know that the matriarchy must be borne on the shoulders of a daughter born of the Heiress. My daughter is far too overwhelmed with her career in Medicine and raising her sons to try and conceive just now. I grow worried as the years pass by as my daughter becomes more consumed with studies and play dates.
Sorrow consumes all of us now as my father passes away before us to join my ancestors in the hereafter. Now my fears of our family's future plague me constantly. What will become of our Legacy if we are not blessed with a great grand daughter of Micha Edwards?

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  1. I like the geneology chart (even though I had to open it in a new window) and how you continued your legacy story! You were able to effectively skip the boring parts (which I wasn't able to do! lol)

    I'm adding your blog to my links list, by the way. Keep up the good work!