Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today Micha has found a new hobby that she has in common with her new friend, Tobias!
Well, its not so much a hobby for Tobias yet...

It turns out that his career requires him to be at a - shall we say, 'certain fitness level' that he's fallen behind on. Way behind. Likely all those late night spaghetti dinners.

Luckily for him, Micha has always been fit. She has the patience of a saint to listen to all of his excuses and once the work out actually starts- all of the muttered complaints!

They stick it out though, Tobias admits he's been saving up for something special and he really needs a promotion!

After a few weeks of working out- and more healthy dinner dates!- Tobias asks Micha over for a 'special date'.

As it turns out, he wants Micha to move in with him! However, Micha can't leave the land that her parents have bought for her.

So the couple decide that Tobias will move in with Micha instead. It's a living arrangement made in heaven!

However, Micha quickly realizes that the wonderful arrangement is bringing something else wonderful into creation!

Micha certainly had planned a marriage and a few promotions before starting a family, but life sometimes has a way of working itself out.

Tobias certainly has it all worked out- after a wonderul spaghetti and sushi dinner (those cravings can not be denied!) he surprises Micha with a ring- and vows from the heart.

Before long, the couple are blessed with a healthy baby girl! Welcome Gillian Edwards!

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