Friday, June 26, 2009

This is Micha Edwards, a vivacious redhead whose emphatic and very people focused. Micha's traits are Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Lucky and Friendly.

She is currently trying to get ahold of her parents and has discovered that they have gone on vacation to Thailand for two weeks. Disappointing to accept, she will have to thank them for the start up money they gave her to buy this wonderful land to start her life with.

The land is what she is focussing on- as the 'house' isn't much. Its clean enough, for what there is- a bed, a kitchenette and a single table and chair. The Voice in the Sky can't even arrange the Sky Camera to get a good picture of it, its so tiny!

However, Micha decides to go out on the town and look for a job. As she walks along the winding street, she notices someone carrying a bag crossing the street in front of her. He has strawberry blonde hair, is well built- and there's something touching about his eyes when he nods as he passe her. Acting impulsively, she follows the young man to his house.

Introductions reveal that he is Tobias Stabler and that he too, is new to town! He's very animated about the new Gardening book that he's purchased. The two start to talk and he offers to cook her dinner with the produce he expects to grow!

Saddened that she'd have to wait so long to see him again, Micha goes about town. She gets a job in the Medical career (as an organ donar, ew!), scrapes together money for an easel and spends time developing her creativety!

Sooner than expected, Tobias invites her over to his house.

He confides that the produce hasn't grown in yet but that he couldn't wait any longer to see her! When she confides she's glad he called, they laugh and share thier moving in experiences over Spighetti and Meatballs!

As Micha leaves, she could swear that Tobias mentions catching the new blockbuster film next week. All she has to do is scrape together the cost of that!

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