Monday, June 27, 2011

Paige's Family: Chapter Three

Royce and Eric decide that they can not live under her parents roof any more. they pack up thier things, bundle up their daughter and move out over night. They find an affordable - if small - home. While Royce misses the comfort of a Legacy home, she loves spending time with her family without the constant tension with her parents.
Paige can't help but wonder about her little girl's happiness as she strolls by to look at the new home. One thing leads to another as her passion consumes her - and causes her foot to have an accident with the trash can.

It doesn't seem to dampen the love birds passion.

Paige stops by to see her daughter when Eric is at work. She discovers that Royce has made a happy home for herself and her small family. While she's very concerned about Eric's parentage, she suddenly decides to meet with River and hear what the other woman was about to say.

As Paige, Royce and River sit down at the local cafe, River introduces her uncle... someone who knows the real story.

He reveals that it was true - Paige's great aunt and Eric's grand father had married... there was something that no one knew about the marriage. While the two had been deeply in love, there had been an indiscretion that no one knew about.

Soon after the marriage, the husband had received a late night call from his former wife. She was deeply upset over a family matter and since Damita's husband had stayed on good terms with his ex wife's family, she thought nothing of him visiting to help counsel the family during its difficult time.

Yet emotions ran wild... and due to too much drink and a bad drug interaction from his blood pressure pills, he found himself the next morning in bed with his ex wife. He immediately confessed the situation to Damita. After she got through her anger, she realized that she loved her husband and would forgive him his infidelity.

Yet 9 months later, his ex wife revealed that she had just delivered a child.
As the women stare transfixed at Uncle Mal, he affirms - Damita raised another woman's child as her own. She loved her husband and she loved his child as much as her own. It didn't matter to her that she wasn't actually related to Damita.

"So I've been acting like a crazy person for nothing." Paige realized. "And if Damita could forgive infidelity and raise a daughter from another woman... Royce, could you ever forgive me for being so hung up about the family line?"

"I'll be honest Mom, you caused Eric and I a lot of stress." Royce admitted.
"But I love you. It may take some work, but we can move through this... just like Damita moved on."

Mother and daughter embrace. Paige is hopeful for a full reconciliation, but Royce departs for her own home.

Paige returns home to her husband, her heart heavy with regret.
"I have to make this right to Royce, Eric - and our grand daughter." Paige decides.

Aeric agrees and does his part to be there for Siane. He visits the young couple and helps them with child care with Royce returns to work. He soon discovers that he and Eric have similiar interests - they both enjoy cuisine.

Aeric departs one evening and is invited back the next morning for Eric's special Molasses Pancakes. When he shares this with his wife, she is overjoyed.

"I'm so glad you and Eric buried the hatchet." Paige said, hugging Aeric tight.
"I've finally come up with an apology to them. Could you help me? Its a bit... labor intensive."

"Of course." Aeric agrees whole heartedly, pleased to attempt to bridge the rift between Aeric and Paige & Eric and Royce.

Next Chapter

What is Paige's apology - and will the young couple receive it with the right mentality? Tune in next time for Paige's House: a chapter in the Enayla Skin Legacy.

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