Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paige's Apology

Royce's father and husband meet over Eric's special recipe, as they arranged yesterday. The two soon start discussing Siane - how her little personality is developing. Aeric questions where Eric and Royce plan on enrolling Siane in pre - school. All of the legacy children attended the best private schools - he and Paige would be able to get Siane in, easily.

With some obvious frustration, Eric shows his father in law that he can't even afford to renovate his home to be more accessible. The small affordable house that was an earlier refuge is now similar to a small, box shaped exercise in frustration.

He can't even afford to hire a repair man when the cheap t.v. dies. Thankfully, the University tech class was good for something.

Life in Royce's Refuge lot isn't a complete frustration. Little Siane grows up happily in her father's warped, buggy arms. The party is small but tasteful, including Royce and Eric's parents. River delights in the ability to get to know her grand daughter. Royce and her mother move off to talk as the party winds down.

Paige expresses her desire to take the small family somewhere. Paige is vague as to where, but Royce's mood is lifted by the party festivities. She humors her mother's odd request and takes her daughter to meet her mother.

Paige's address turns out to be a two story yellow house. As Royce wonders why her mother would drop in on a friend at this dinner hour, her mother removes a key ring from her purse. Turning the key in the lock to the front door, Paige leads her daughter into an entry way.

The house is well appointed with a state of the art t.v. room beside the entry way. The hall opens into a kitchen and large dining area.

"Come upstairs." Paige invites. "This is what I want you to see."
Paige leads Royce and Siane to a lavender play room. It has every toy a child could wish for,
"I had this built for Siane."
Paige explains. "Its designed so that she'll never want for anything."

Royce wanders the upper floor, discovering a bedroom for herself and Eric -as well as a bed room for the little girl Siane will become.
"Mom, this is amazing." Royce embraces her mother.

"Your father and I will live downstairs." Paige smiles. "But we created this area to be just for your family. I know I can be overbearing, but you can always go to your own floor."
"Mom you may have your flaws, but so do I. I appreciate what you did here."
Royce beams.

"We'll move in this week end."

"Great." Paige replied. "Siane has an appointment at Giggles and Smiles Day Care Sunday."
Royce nearly protests the interfering- but realizes her mother is beaming with pride.

"O.K., Mom." Royce agrees. "We;ll have everything moves in by Sunday."

Life in Paige's house has become tranquil and delightful with a toddler in the house. The coming weeks have a lot of changes coming - Siane's impending birthday as well as a surprising house guest!

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